Why work with us?

First Place Recruitment is committed to becoming a valuable business partner to all our clients through hard work, quality process and outstanding results.

Regardless of how complex your recruitment is, sit back and let us figure it out!

We save you time and money

First Place Recruitment manages the entire recruitment process from start to finish, including application management, pre-screening, interviewing, interview preparation and after-placement follow-up. We offer competitive rates and decrease the cost of hiring through our streamlined process and by significantly reducing the workload of your HR and recruitment departments.

We do our homework well

We endeavour to understand all aspects of our clients’ businesses. Not only do we collect all the details regarding the position and the conditions offered but we also make sure that we know our clients’ businesses inside out and are able to explain these clearly to our candidates. This enables us to source suitable profiles within an efficient and cost-effective time frame.

We will not send you many candidates. Only the best ones.

We do not work towards unrealistic internal metrics. Instead, we are driven by quality. If you receive a candidate’s CV from us, this means that the candidate has been 1) informed about the conditions of employment, 2) pre-screened, and 3) interviewed in depth with regards to their skills and experience, and that based on the outcome of all those steps we consider them a strong and suitable candidate that we can recommend for you to interview.

We don’t do miracles

You will not see us promising that we can do anything for you (although we most certainly will try!). Instead, we will analyse your recruitment requirements, set them against our resources and give you realistic terms and timelines. We don’t do miracles. We plan based on facts and deliver agreed results.

We do not need to be exclusive … but we can commit!

Of course, we are always happy to work on your vacancies exclusively if that is your preference. But if you prefer to keep your options (and sources) open, we are fine with that. We are not afraid of some friendly competition with other recruiters, as long as at the end of the day you get the candidates that you need!

If you would like to find out more about our services, please get in touch with our team and let us help you fill your most challenging vacancies!