About us

Who we are

First Place Recruitment is an international recruitment agency based in Ireland, with a specific focus on sourcing and the relocation of multilingual candidates worldwide. Since our launch in 2010, we have been working with a wide range of clients: from small- and middle-size businesses to large international organisations, and in a wide variety of locations and industries. Multilingual recruitment is our passion and area of expertise. Hence, we are committed to setting - and upholding - the highest recruiting standards.

Ireland, Europe, World

We are based in Ireland but reach worldwide, supporting businesses based in various countries within and outside of Europe. With our resources covering multilingual candidates in every corner of the globe and the use of technology, we are able to establish strong relationships with both clients and candidates – regardless of their location. Of course, we are always happy to travel and meet face to face as well, but our remote communications are of the same high quality!

Multilingual Specialists

We work primarily with candidates who are fluent in English and speak at least one other language at a native or fluent level. Some of the languages that we most commonly recruit for are German, Dutch, French, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai and many more!

Win – Win

We believe that the right way of measuring success in recruitment is through the satisfaction of all parties involved in it. Hence, we work on behalf of both our clients and our candidates with the same level of passion and commitment, and we ensure that both sides are equally happy with our service.

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Are you a company looking for that difficult to source language? Find out more about the solutions that we have for our clients.

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